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The Tale of Two Time-Travelers [Closed RP]






—Well now that was interesting. “You stole a time machine? And you’re questioning me if I actually built one?” He asked rather curiously. “Don’t mind me saying that but that’s a little offensive to me. I am the world’s most genius dog. Only renown one who can speak human tongue. Also a two time Olympic Medalist.” He commented on the last one. He’d been alive for a while to be able and accomplish that.

"But I have to say no to your other statement about humans. As fleeing as they are the canine race don’t live as long as they do. If you excuse myself because I’ve found a way to lengthen my life to see my son grow up and have kids of his own. And it’s a bit hurtful hearing that seeing as my son is human himself." He told him flat out.

     ”Well, yes.” he rose a brow, pausing as he listened to the dog patiently. “Apologies, Mr. peabody. i did not mean to offend you. i am capable of making my own time machine, but it was the state of my planet that prohibited me from it. What you see is a Type 40 TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimension In Space. when i stole it, my planet was at war. i come from a race known as the time lords, and we were fighting against another race known as the Daleks. they are bred from hatred, and know only minimal emotions. they have no mercy for those whom are not dalek, and planned to destroy all life in the universe.” he paused to think a little more, trying to properly ensue his words. “I am the Doctor, Mr. Peabody. i am the oncoming storm. i am 900 years old, and the last of my species. i can speak every language, and i lit the torch in 2010.” he proclaimed, smiling lightly. “I meant no offense, but Time Lords are far more advanced than even you. so…basically everyone seems at least a little dull minded to me. you’re the only one who has even come close so far.”


—When the man mentioned he was the one who lit the 2010 flame for the Olympic Games, the canine nearly looked shocked. “How odd..now that I think of it you do look familiar. I was competing in those games that year and remember a strange man with a pair of red shoes with a trench coat came in carrying the torch. You had a blue suit on with a bright red tie I think. Or was that not you?” He asked the man amused.

"Even if you’re a part of a superior race of aliens who seem to have not yet perfected time travel is no concern of mine. Even if they were I was able to harness the space time continuum and built myself a time machine. Allowing my son Sherman and I to go in time and be apart of it without causing paradoxes. Though we nearly got our heads cut off in the French Revolution after having cake with Marie Antoinette." Mr. Peabody mentioned just casually.

     ”That would be me, yes.” he smiled proudly, suddenly frowning. that was deeply offensive to him, even if the canine was just joking around. their race was literally ‘Time Lords’. their time travel had been perfected for a long while, and it was highly offensive to tell insult their methods. so what if it didn’t just appear? he liked it that way. besides, he only had a type 40 TARDIS, rather than one of the newest models. 

    “….run that by me again, dog?” he puffed, a look of genuine hurt on his features. it upset him that the canine would go so far as to blatantly boast that his time travel was perfect in every way, and that the doctors was not.


"You should read Pyrrho, my boy."

The Keys of Marinus - season 01 - 1964